Tuesday, January 25, 2011

this is it...

Today is the day! I say this pretty much everyday, but today is DEFINITELY the day! I need to start being serious about this whole training business or else I may literally die while attempting this marathon. So mark it... tonight I will run my little heart out, wheeze a little, and then bask in my victory over my out of shape, sloth-like nature.

Half of the battle is suppressing my desire to watch Hulu in the comfort of my roommate's plush recliner... But today health shall prevail as I triumph the treacherous treadmill (dramatic vocabulary, yes. But painfully accurate in my mind's eye). Perhaps I will compliment my workout with a sassy Zumba routine?

In all seriousness, working toward this larger goal is an endeavor to find discipline and balance in my life. I need to treat my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and respect what the Lord has gifted me with. I desire for this to be a quest of acquiring health.

My heart longs to have the stamina to enjoy athletic activities like hiking and such without the insecurity of my lack of shape hovering over me. I pray that the Lord gives me His lens to look through at myself. That I would not make it about physical appearance and satiate my urge to be aesthetically pleasing. It is far greater than that. Glorifying my Daddy through physical fitness, obedience and self control is far greater than that...

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